This is the document page concerning Ior Bock (Bror Svedlin).

Since he has passed away and these official documents are publicly available for anyone in Finland, and because of accusations about me fabricating facts in the interview with Ior Bock, I have – after long consideration – decided to publish them here. I wanted to do that already in 2004 but felt out of respect for Ior Bock and his brother that it was not ok. Perhaps I was wrong about that, but I have always said to the critics of the published article that if they want to see the documents they are available. None of them have requested that (until very recently on Wikipedia).

Note that according to Ior Bock all these official documents were ”planted” in the archives as a cover up. Read more about the Bock-saga here.

Police report

At this stage I publish the interrogation with Ior Bock concerning the death of his brother, Erik Svedlin (also adopted) in 1962. Here Ior Bock tells the police what happend. His signature is under the report (page 4). The documents are in Finnish, and this is apperantly the first draft. When the case was taken to court, the same text was used, but it was naturally proof read, and so on. I will publish that version later (the content is anyway the same).

Since I feel all relevant information in these documents are already at hand in the article, these documents serves mainly as a reference.

Page 1 (May 21, 1962)
Page 2 (May 21, 1962)
Page 3 (May 21, 1962)
Page 4 (May 21, 1962)
Page 5 (Feb 7, 1963)

The Police report as a whole consists of 17 pages. If necessary I will / can publish the rest later. They consist of statements, among others, from Ior Bocks mother and the fiancé of Erik Svedlin.

Document source: Helsingin Poliisilaitos, Rikososasto, N:o 6065.
RP 4636/62


These two documents show that Bror Holger Svedlin (later Ior Bock) was born to a gardener in Porvoo (Borgå) on January 17, 1942 and adopted to the Svedlin-family. I have naturally faded the name of the biological mother, to secure her privacy. Everything that is relevant in these documents was already told in the article itself, this is just a reference. They are publicly available documents (newer adoption documentation in Finland are not). I tried to give the documents to Ior Bock in 2004 but he was not interested. The documents are in Swedish.

Document 1 (Bertel Svedlin and Rhea Svedlin ask for permission to adopt Bror Holger Bertel, son of XX. The name of the biological mother has been erased by me.)
Document 2 (Friends of the Svedlin-family recommend the adoption)
Document 3 (Dated in Borgå, June 15, 1942. Witnesses prove that the woman did give birth to a boy on January 17, 1942. The name of the biological mother has been erased by me).

Source: Kansallisarkisto (Helsinki) in the archives for Rådstuvrätten i Helsingfors stad (adoption matters were at this time always cleared in court).