To the end of the world...

This was my first book and a sheer joy to write. I travelled for six months in Siberia in 1992 and 1995 and was completely fascinated by the region. These travels proved to be my most rewarding yet.

We stayed mainly in Eastern Siberia making it all the way up to the remote Kuril Islands, which were quite outrageously sealed-off at the time.

The Soviet Union had just recently ceased to exist and the whole country was in a very strange mood. We travelled by car, train, bus as well as boat and met some wonderful people. I did a lot of research concerning the history of Siberia and this plays an important role in the text.

The style of the book could be defined as travel writing with a boyish undertone. Humour, adventure, and my love of Siberia are very much present in the work.

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This is one of the more serious chapters in the book, about life in the former labour camp of Magadan in Eastern Siberia. Magadan made a huge impact on me, as the history of Kolyma is so depressing and shocking. This served as a contrast to my other very positive experiences in Siberia, which included lots of laughs, bizarre situations and wonderful natural surroundings.