CV in brief

Name: Magnus Londen, author/freelance journalist
Speciality: Narrative writing

Born December 20, 1968, in Helsinki.


- ”S:t Petersburg – Metropolen runt hörnet” (St Petersburg – The Metropol Around the Corner) in 2003. Co-written with two other journalists. Published originally in Swedish but also available in Finnish translation. Narrative writing about life in St Petersburg, Russia and the history of the area in general. Nominated for the prestigious Finlandia Award (non-fiction) in 2003. Awarded ’Travel Book of the Year’ in Finland.

- ”Charter! Ett reportage om resan till solen.”. (Go south! The deeper meaning of a holiday in the sun). Published in 1999 and 2000. Published originally in Swedish and also in Finnish translation. Narrative and investigative writing about the hugely popular trend of Scandinavians going ”south” for a holiday in the sun.

- ”Till Världens ände. Resor i Sibirien”. (To the end of the World. Travels in Siberia). Published originally in Swedish but also available in Finnish translation. Narrative writing about my travels in Siberia with a historical and political dimension. Published in 1997, 1998 and as a paperback in 2005.

- Co-author of ”Tillbaka till Viborg” (Back to Viipuri/Viborg). Published 2005. Written by Anders Mård. I have contributed two lengthy feature pieces and served as a background figure in the book. This work is a guidebook in reportage format about the Finnish city of Viipuri which has been part of the former Soviet Union since 1944.

Other Professional Activities in Brief

- Host on the weekly talk show Eftersnack which is broadcast in Swedish for the Finnish Public Radio network (YLE). Since 2005.

- Fortnightly columnist for the Helsinki daily Hufvudstadsbladet. Since 1995.

- A regular contributor of reportage, interviews etc. to a range of leading Finnish, Finno-Swedish, and Swedish broadsheets and magazines.

- Editor-in-chief of the magazine Rötter Röster Rum (Roots Voices Spaces) which was published when Helsinki was designated one of the official European Cultural Cities of the Year in 2000.

- Co-founder of the journalistic project Nevapress, a news and feature agency that provides Scandinavian media with pieces from the nearby metropolis of St Petersburg in Russia. Correspondent in St Petersburg in 1999.

- Main lecturer in courses at the universities of Helsinki (Helsingfors), Turku (Åbo) and Vaasa (Vasa). Teaches creative writing to students of journalism. Since 1997. 


- The Journalistic Unit of the Swedish School of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Bachelor of Political Science, 1997.


- Awarded "Freelance Journalist of the Year" in 2006 by the Association of Journalists in Finland.